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Experience is, indeed, the best teacher. And, it takes an even better teacher to impart its lessons to others.

But, being the teacher that I am, try I must. Speaking to students at schools is but one of those tries.

In a post about my conversation with two UWC-USA students and my Doctor of Science Honorary degree acceptance speech at Grinnell College, I talked about following ones dreams.

In another recent post, about a visit to Little Angels School in Kathmandu, talking to their A-Level students, I again talked about following ones dreams and living life in ones own terms, among other things.

Wanting to continue speaking to school children with hopes of inspiring them to…follow their dreams, during the two-week visit to Hong Kong, I spoke at four different international schools.

The video below is that of my last presentation–at International College Hong Kong (ICHK)–where my mate Rusty works. The images have been modified a little from the original while the audio track is the real recording of the presentation.

In the presentation, I talked about my journey from my little village of Tangbe in Mustang to the US, via Pokhara, Kathmandu, and Italy, in pursuit of education.

I described how I was not expected to make much of my life and struggled, because of the circumstances and context of my birth in Nepal, but how people–teachers and others–made the difference in my journey. How people inspired, encouraged and helped me along to achieve my dream of going to the US for further studies.

While I also encountered difficulties and suffered abroad, whether at Qatar Academy in Qatar or elsewhere, humanity, again, came to my rescue again and again.

Following graduation from Grinnell College in the US, I described how I embarked on a journey of exploration and discovery–of both our planet and my self–working as an international teacher. How the experiences of being educated in five different countries and working, living and traveling many more countries made me into the person I had never imagined I would be, living the way I did and believing in the thing I did, and continue to do.

Rounding off the presentation, I described what I am doing back in Nepal and finally provided the details of my justification for why I do what I do.

Enjoy the video and feel free to share below what you believe in!

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