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Nepal needs a revolution…a revolution of the mind!

There are so many reasons for why we need it, but here’s Exhibit A for partly why:

Reproduced below is the screenshot of the tweet appearing in the above tweet.

It reads thus: “Look how a couch was not available to the only woman appearing in the photo! They want females in the [political] party, but can’t provide any respect?”

The above displays of “manhood” by our male political leaders, and others, is really shameful, but who is talking and who is listening?!

Regardless, as far as I am concerned, what our male political leaders, and those wielding considerable political and other powers, are involved in is a “display” of cojones to determine who has the bigger ones!

Women, of course, as far as they are concerned, don’t have them! So obviously, they can’t participate!

And it’s for that reason and many others that Nepal needs a revolution…of the mind!



Updated on Sept. 4 with May 21 and June 12 tweets about Naya Shakti.



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