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Aug 10 2016: Samaanta Foundation Fellows’ Reflections

2016-08-10 with samaanta foundation fellows 1

Last Wednesday, Aug. 10, as part of my UWC Scholarship outreach work I began over a month and a half ago, I made yet another presentation. This time to Samaanta Foundation fellows. I talked about my life, UWC Scholarships and about following ones dreams in spite of seemingly impossible odds.

Reproduced below is an email from the coordinator, Shiri, with details of student reflections.

NB: Some of the texts were edited for clarity.


* * * * * * * *

Dear Dorje dai,

Today was an amazing day. Your session, filled with motivational stories and particular emphasis on “Keeping Dreams alive” had a really really inspiring impression on our fellows. After you left we had a reflection and most of them reflected it as a motivating session and they have passed their gratitude to you.

As some fellows were reflecting I really felt you should hear some lines too.

Rojina: When people tells you that you can’t do it or this is your end then that should become your beginning and Dorje’s Sir story of Mustang to Xavier was my best part of the day.

Prakash: I want to thank his (Dorje dai’s) father and grandfather who decided to send him to school for education, it reminded me of my parents. I could see the importance of education in his life because it was education that led him around world and out of Qatar crisis too.

Sarita: “mero sapana, mero koshish”. I realized if I am to live my dreams then I will have to work relentlessly to get there.

Dipesh: We should have a goal in life like Dorje Sir had, to go to US at age 5. I dont mean to go to US should be our goal but setting goal will drive our motivation.

Bikram: We should be like a family in Samaanta Foundation and make friends like Dorje sir had in UWC who helped him in difficult times of Qatar. We should make such bond. I am also happy that he is now back in Nepal and dreaming for Nepal.

Thank you Dai for sharing your stories. The session was informative and inspiring for the fellows. However few noted that they couldn’t understand some major parts of your story since it was in English. I should have pre-informed you about this. Nevertheless it was great pleasure to have you.

Thank you.


* * * * * * * *


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