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Testimonials: SMD Boarding School July 20 Presentation

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On July 20 I gave a presentation to the SMD Boarding School family on Human Rights and Education of Marginalized Nepalese. The following are the first lot of testimonials I received from the school. As and when the rest come in, I’ll update this page.

NB: Some of the texts were edited for clarity.


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THE PRESENTATION was great! I think it touched all the key points. Listening to your short personal life story was inspiring and also sharing the life of Nepalese working in Qatar was interesting. Thank You for the wonderful presentation and thank you for all the work you are doing!

– Sonam Dolma, Former UWC Student,
Teacher, SMD Boarding School



I loved your presentation and my eyes were glued to you till the end. I held on to your every word and I think now, you have become my biggest source of inspiration. I just want you to know that we really appreciate what you are doing and hope that we can follow your steps by making difference in people’s lives.

– Dolma Tsering, SMD Boarding School


YOUR PRESENTATION was really interesting and inspiring. What inspired me the most was that through education we all can grow wings and realize our potential to develop the country or to help other human beings. Thank-you for the wonderful and meaningful presentation. It meant a lot to me.

– Tsomo Lama B23a, Class 10
SMD Boarding School


YOUR PRESENTATION was amazing. I like the way you spoke and fluently of English although the voice was a bit small. Our children SMD kids and teachers knew that we are still back warded than the ruling class (Brahmin, Chhetris). It would have been better if you had suggested our kids that they need to work harder than other normal people to come forward. Hoping for another presentation.

– Ambir Tamang
Academic Head SMD


THE WORKSHOP you did was good and effective to our kids and as well as for our teachers. They also know about the discrimination between male and female and education is very important for all the people.

– Umesh. P. Shah
Head Teacher

FIRST OF all, I would like to thank Mr. Dorje Sir for your valuable presentation and your time which you spent to us and our kids. I liked your presentation, which was fruitful to our kids. They learn so many things from your presentation and we the teachers also learn so many things about teaching strategies. Our kids also learn that if they work harder they can achieve their goal.

Thank you so much.

– Munu Rana
Primary Supervisor


I HAVE attended so many presentations and I found really amazing and wonderful to see your presentation, which was very much connected to our kind of people. I love the way you included your own history with the social effects of our Nepal. Plus I really admire the way you gave the presentation with beautiful expression. So, want to say thank you very much and hoping for more presentation if you could.

– Phurbu Choden (B349)
Senior (Mom)


I AM very grateful toward the SMD School for providing me to attend Mr. Gurung’s presentation. This presentation was really inspiring and it was motivational. He really tried to show real face of Nepalese Society and encouraged especially marginalized group to fight for their rights.

I expected was to discuss more on solutions. I wanted him to explain how a marginalized group can act for their rights in detail. As a whole it was really a good presentation and we (teachers and students) got chance to analyze the society. I would like to thank him very much for his work toward marginalized group and I am also ready to help him from my side.

– Radhika Maharjan
Secondary Level Social Studies Teacher


ALL THE points of presentation are important for marginalization Nepalese people. I totally agree with him and his project because all indigenous people of Nepal exploitation and suffering by rules of high class people in the name of culture, religious and languages.

So, his projects raise hot issue and problems of Nepal. I appreciate all issue and problems of his presentation.

– Kamala Moktan
Maths Teacher


YOUR WORK is so great that I am impressed with your job. Your presentation is so valuable to teachers and students also. From your presentation we know about past and village people how so difficult. Our life is full of struggle so we have to gain more and more knowledge, and our life is full of darkness. You explain each and everything about your life also. So, I’m thankful for your presentation.

– Madhu shrestha
Nepali Teacher


THANK YOU very much for your valuable presentation and time. The way you expressed your presentation was very good but it will be better if you also present the solution for those problem in next presentation because most of the people know that presentation’s problems and causes but only few people have knowledge to overcome with that problems. You’re doing a great job i.e. spreading the problems of Nepal. After watching your presentation I have deep regard in my heart for your work.

I wish I could watch your presentation again…keep it up.

– Miss Sanjana Tamang


I WAS very excited to attend your presentation and as per my expectations. Your presentation was more fruitful to me. First I appreciate the way you presented and I am inspired by that I wish to be a successful presenter. And as per the content of presentation it was a lesson to be learned by all and know to fight for own might. It was the current condition of Nepalese society and it should be eradicated as soon as possible.

I am very thankful for the presentation and I am glad to attend it. I wish to attend your presentation in future also.

– Sony shrestha


THANK YOU for your presentation. I am now more aware of Nepal’s constitution and from the statistics you have shown. Yes, I agree that education is freedom and the key to come forward in life especially for women and marginalized people.

You are doing a great job through your “COMMITTED” organization. It will surely help backward people. You are another example for all as an ideal person. God bless you.

Your presentation was great!

Through your voice was low, you could always become better. What I hope is if you could come again and help our teachers in science teaching to make more interesting. THANK YOU!

– Choden Lhamo


YOUR PRESENTATION was imagination; I just love the topic you choose on “Human Right Education Of Marginalized Nepalese. This is the major social evil that is facing by most of the under developed and developing countries. And for that we need people like you to inspire and digging out the negative side of marginalized community. Moreover, about your personal history it was sp inspirational. I am sure that many students have been affected by your self-determination and the power of positive thinking. Thank you so much for that wonderful presentation.

– Dolma Lhamo


I AM really inspired by your presentation. I learnt so many new things about the education in Nepal compared to the United States of America. I also learnt how education can change one’s life. I have got a feeling that I can also do something in my life through education. Thank you so much for your presentation in SMD. It was very interesting.

– Karma Dolma (grade ten)


Your presentation was really interesting and inspiring. What inspired me the most was that through education we all can grow wings and realize our potentiality to develop the country or to help other human beings. Thank you for the wonderful and meaningful presentation. It meant a lot to me.

– Tsomo Lama (grade ten), B23a, 10


MR. DORJE Gurung’s presentation was so much amusing and amazing that I have ever experienced. I have learned and am encouraged by your motivations and contributions to Nepal. You inspired and proved us to dream big so that it can be achieved in life. You made people to be educated and keep doing good deeds towards the nation. Thank you!

– Dolma Tsering, 10


I WOULD like to express my gratitude and appreciation for your wonderful presentation towards the SMD family and it really made me inspired to do something after studies and I gain and came to know a lot of information and knowledge about how the female and low caste are dominated and discriminated in our country. Count me as well, as I am inspired from you and your presentation. Thank you!

– Tsering Palden, B3 (grade ten)


YOUR PRESENTATION is very inspiring and it has given me a motivation to do something great in life. Your life story is really interesting to hear. Thank you so much for the presentation.

– Tseten Dolma, 10


YOUR PRESENTATION was super and interesting. I think you teach very well also. Thank you!

– Tsering Choden (grade ten)


YOU ARE one of my inspirational people. Your way of giving presentation by including your life story is very curious and fantastic. Thank you for your presentation.

– Shristi (grade ten)


WHAT I saw in you is you are such amazing and having love and compassionate person and also you have heaps of potential to do different work. Thank you so much for your brilliant presentation and from that presentation we learn many new perspectives and knowledge. You are inspirational person and I want to wish you “Break a leg” for your upcoming future. I hope you can bring more progress in Nepalese education.

– Karma Nangsal(grade ten)


HI! MY name is Rithar Dolma. I have also been dreaming big since I was in grade 8. I also want to help other like you did to other people. Your class is so interesting and encouraging. If you are continuing this presentation in different places then other people will also get inspiration from you and they can also do some work which is welfare for other people. Lastly good luck for your future. Keep it up.

– Rithar Dolma (grade 10)



First of all, I love your presentation and your answers of the asked questions. Most of the things that you told us were related to the social problems which we have been trying to solve. But what disappointed us was that you didn’t tell us the solutions that we should take in future. It was interesting class with the video clips and your story. Lastly, “Thank you.”

– Tsewang Diki (grade ten)


I AM a student of grade 10. You are really inspiring person for me. Till now, I have no idea what to do in future but after attending your presentation, I got that I have to do something which is beneficial to other as you do. So, thank you so much for you wonderful presentation at our school.

– Kunsang (grade ten)



Firstly, i am very much inspired by your presentation with the fusion video clips and other vital information. The fact that are happening both within the country and outside the country to the citizen and the country are very important for us. And all this important information is got to learn from you.  Thank you for all things. Truely i really enjoyed your class.

– Tsewang Bhuti (grade ten)



Hi! My name is Tsering Dolma from grade nine. I am really inspired from your presentation. I got lots of information and got to know about our caste system and discrimination. Thank you so much for sharing your time with us and i really appreciated you’re your presentation. It was fun and enjoyed.

– Tsering Dolma (grade nine)


HI! MR. Dorje Gurung,

First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt thank you for being here at SMD School and you mean a lot to us. From your presentation I got lots of information and especially about situation of our country and the world. I got fact about the many countries. As we all know that most of the Nepalese are abroad for money. But why many educated Nepalese settle in abroad even they have good life and good facilities in Nepal. So you are the main hero who look behind Nepal. All I want to include is that you are very kind to give that information. Thank you so much.

– Gyamtso lama (grade nine)



Firstly, I would like to thank you from my bottom of my heart for your splendid presentation which inspired not only me  but all of us who had attend. Your presentation was really related to   all of us which mean to us. Hope you will come back at school and we would be happier.

– Tashi Lhamo (grade nine)

Updated on Aug. 8 with additional testimonials.



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