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Testimonials: Young Hearts Boarding High School

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Since returning to Nepal in May 2013, apart from working at Community Members Interested (COMMITTED), I have been what I can to inspire the next generation of Nepalese to dream BIG and pursue them. To that end, I have been visiting schools and groups of youngster — especially government schools and youngster from low socio-economic backgrounds — and making presentations.

I generally share my life story and what it took for me to get to where I am today in life, personally and professionally.

On July 1, 2016, as part of my UWC Scholarship outreach work, I made my second presentation. This time to Young Hearts Boarding High School.  I talked about my life, UWC Scholarships and about following ones dreams in spite of seemingly impossible odds.

Following the presentation, I received, from the Anisha, who organized the visit, the following Testimonial.

  1. YHBHS testimonials to July 1, 2016 presentation.

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I am a Tibetan-Buddhist, one-time International Chemistry/Science teacher with a Jesuit education in a Hindu country (Nepal), an international education in a catholic country (Italy), a liberal arts education in the bastion of freedom and democracy (the US), with teacher-training down under (Australia), but whose choice of musical instrument is Australian (the Didjeridoo), choice of sports is American (Ultimate Frisbee), choice of dance genre is Latin American (Merengue and Salsa), and yet, still has faith in the permanence and power of change!

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