Help Launch Nepal’s First Collaborative School

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Help my mate Pete and my buddy Sakar launch Nepal's first collaborative school by donating to their fundraising drive. They are raising a modest $10341 (£6826) to serve some of the poorest students in Kathmandu Valley. What the team has already accomplished since taking over the school is already commendable. These funds will go a long way in accomplishing what they have set out to do: turn the school around and show that huge investments are not necessary to accomplish that.

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MalAria in MalAwi

MalAria in MalAwi
A young boy doing his laundry on the shores of Lake Malawi in Senga Bay, a beach I would visit regularly with my friends when I lived and worked in the country for three years between 2004 and 2007.
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The recent discovery and development of the vaccine against malaria is a welcome development for sure. It should be great news for the children of Africa. It SHOULD! Is it or will it be?

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Women…NOT Wee Men

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Poverty is an injustice. One of the surest ways of fighting that injustice is by empowering our girls and women.

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Social Justice: Want Compassion? Show Compassion!

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If you don't or cannot display compassion and humanity to those around you at this time of desperate need for just that, then you cannot expect compassion and humanity from others living in far off lands!

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NYC: Education for Freedom

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Education is for freedom: freedom from the constraints of having to think, having to subscribe to attitudes and having to behave in ways dictated by the culture and society one is born into (whether in Nepal or elsewhere); freedom from the socioeconomic shackles one is born into if born into a low socioeconomic context in countries like Nepal and others.

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