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Project Update: Kumveshwori School…A School in Difficulty

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The video below is that of Kumveshwori Primary School in Gunsa. It has had no assistance from any organization for reconstruction.

COMMITTED  does NOT have enough funds to help them and is trying to raise it. As it stands now, we have funds to rebuild the library/community center.

If you would like to help, go our donation page and donate to Earthquake Funds.

I made the video after a short visit to our project site from April 30 to May 2 — my first visit since the earthquake of April 25 last year.

My first visit to the small Kumveshwori Primary School was in February 2014 when we went there to oversee the Star Reader Prize Distribution program, a program put in place after COMMITTED built a library for them.

(It was then that I first heard of Muskaan, the voracious young reader, whose story I first shared in the Run to Stop Child Trafficking campaign page, and again in Stolen Innocence and Lost Dreams. Without a proper school, many of the children in Gunsa the school serves are in more of a precariously situation.)

My second visit was in October 2014 when I was there to talk to the school administrators about their needs. Their needs now is for…a school!



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