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From Pennsylvania To Thangpalkot & Back

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Thangpalkot to Pennsylvania-feat image

One of the schools I visited in the US, soon after the earthquake of April 25, 2015, was Friendship Elementary School in Pennsylvania, where my good buddy Bill’s son goes.

One of the teachers at the school had her children write messages to the children in Thangpalkot. After carrying the envelope of letters for a whole year in the US, I was able to finally deliver it last month.

The English teacher at Raithane School sent me some photos of the children reading the messages and also writing some themselves. That after reading the letters, Raithane School children wrote some themselves clearly shows how much they appreciated the letters, .

Browse the photo album of Raithane School children with the letters by clicking on the first photos below.

(Click on one of the thumbnails to browse through the images.)

The following are just a small sample of Raithane School children’s response, all of which will be mailed to Pennsylvania.

(Click on one of the thumbnails to browse through the images.)

June 23 Update

The letters Raithane School students wrote made it to Pennsylvania! That’s my buddy Bill’s son holding the envelope!

letters make it to Pennsylvania 2


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