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Kumveshwori Primary School

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Kumveshwori school library

Kumveshwori School library. (Photo taken on February 6, 2014)


My first visit to Kuveshwori Primary School was almost two years ago on February 6, 2014. Having helped the school set-up a library, that time around, we had visited the school to preside over the Star Reader recognition program. On that visit, the celebrations were dampened by the my discovery of the sad story of Kumveshwori’s Star Reader Muskaan. (You can read about her here and here.)

Khumveshwori Star Readers with their prizes posing for a group photo.

Khumveshwori Star Readers with their prizes posing for a group photo in their library. For more photos click here.

I went back to the school in October 2014 for a reconnaissance visit to talk to the administrators about some of their more urgent physical needs etc. The photo below was taken on that trip.

Kumveshwori school 0192

And this is what the April 25 Earthquake reduced the library to.

Post Quake - Kumveshwori school library




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