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Navraj Basnet

Navraj Basnet v6 - low resOne of the realities of rural life in Nepal children in the house not just running errands and chores in and around the house, but also engaging in income generating activities to contribute directly to the financial situation of the house. Obviously, that negatively affects their education.

Navraj helps out the family a great deal. In spite of that, he manages to devote time and dedicated to his studies so much that he is recognized as the best student in the school.

Attached below are details of his family and the cost of his education.

Navraj Basnet - request letter.

Navraj Basnet – request letter. (Click on the image for the original.)

The request letter reads:

Subject: About scholarship.

Personal and family details of the student


Yearly Cost/Nrs.

1. Student’s name: Navarj Basnet, Class: 7 1. School uniform


2. Father’s name: Jagat Bahadur Basnet 2. Shoes + socks


3. Mother’s name: Kumari Basnet 3. School bag


4. Family member abroad: none. 4. Tie + belt (1 set)


5. Number of family members: 4 5. Student ID


6. Profession: day laborer + farmer 6. Admission fee


7. Duration for which agricultural yield sustains the family: 5 months 7. Exam fees (290 x 3)


8. Mother involved in pig farming 8. Computer fees (12 x 80)


9. Ranked first in academics in the whole school 9. Notebooks (20 x 18 x 12)


10. Financial situation: weak. 10. Pencils (10 x 24)


Highly dedicated student, first in the school. 11. Geometry box (80 x 1)




Signed and stamped
The Principal

At the current rate of exchange of approximately Rs. 98=US$1.00, the total cost amounts to US$93/year as a 7th grader.

However, he has just four more months in 7th grade. Academic year in Nepal runs from mid-April to the beginning of April the following year. That means, he’ll need support for at least the next 3 years.

* * * * * * * *

Update Feb. 20, 2014

Purchases by Nemira Customers 1 – 6 has ensured that Navraj gets to finish school!

* * * * * * * *


September 2014 Update

Navaraj passed his exams and has moved on to grade 8! Details of his educational costs for the 2014-15 (2071) academic year can be found here.

* * * * * * * *

September 2015 Update

Navaraj passed his exams last year at the top of his class again and currently in grade 9. Details of his educational costs for this academic year can be found here.

His family house was one of the 594 houses in Thangpalkot destroyed by the earthquake of April 25. While no one in his family suffered any injuries or casualties, one of the three goats they owned was killed.

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