EdufreeNepal Campaign: Day 2

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Here’s what happened with Education is Freedom – Nepal fundraising campaign over the last 24 hours.

The amount donated increased from $4612 to $5941. The number of donors went from 27 to 44.

Fig. 1. Education is Freedom-Nepal Campaign Status as of the morning of May 28.

That means I have 16 people to thank–and not 17 because one contributed twice–for their contribution of $10 or more. And here they are, again, in the order the contribution notifications are listed in my inbox:

  1. Bhavanath Poudyal, a life-long childhood friend from primary and secondary school in Kathmandu, and fellow world traveller.
  2. Sean Barry, friend from TISA days who is also a damn good trekking partner!
  3. Patrick Hounsell, a friend from QA who I have a lot more to thank for than just this contribution.
  4. Lisa J. Leader.
  5. Pascale Pelsmaekers, parent of a former student. Thank you!
  6. Vonnie Brown, another TISA crew.
  7. Paula Boon, my (“secret”) friend from my UWCAD days.
  8. Sharyn Obsatz, a Grinnell friend.
  9. Liv Funfgeld.
  10. Lizzie knight, my BMIS mate Tommy’s mother.
  11. Gabriella Gregori.
  12. Anna Mioni, another UWCAD friend.
  13. Karla Schmidt.
  14. Martin Matthew (2x).
  15. Lucia.
  16. Anonymous. (I have removed the name of this donor from the original list respecting their wish to remain anonymous.)

Once gain, please let me know if I have failed to describe or, worse, mislabeled my connection to you. I would be more than happy to correct it.

Thank you! Grazie!

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  1. Selwyn Price

    Lizzie Knight is Tom’s mum, and if it’s the Lucia I’m thinking of she is also a former chemistry teacher at LPCUWC. Looking good to hit 10k tonight!

    1. Dorje

      Thanks Selwyn. And yes, it looks like we hit 10K last night!! 18K to go!!

  2. Sean Barry

    Cheers Dorje! Hope to make it back to Nepal soon for some more trekking.

    1. Dorje

      You are always welcome my friend! Just drop me a line when you want to come over.

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