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Sarah Kay, a spoken word poet, was this year’s Grinnell College Commencement speaker. Talking about mentors, she makes a reference to my recent ordeal in Qatar, how the Grinnell Community came together to help secure my freedom and what I have decided to do.

Click here or on the image below to watch a recording of the address. The reference starts at about the 1:07:12 min mark (as shown below on the screen grab). Her own address starts at the 52:40 min mark.

Fig. 1. Grinnell College Commencement May 20 2013


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March 29, 2014 Update

Just discovered that the page the link above takes you to, doesn’t contain the video anymore!! Here’s a replacement instead.

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  1. Winsome Loraine Peter

    Thank you Dorje, for sharing this with us. Congratulations to Sarah, on an excellent speech. I listened to the whole speech and was amazed at the maturity and depth she displayed. It was wonderful to hear her mention her principal (an Indian national) who wore saris. I am also of Indian descent but a South African national. I truly admire Sarah for he way she spoke about this principal and the impact this educator made on her life. It was also good read a little about Grinnell College on their website. It is no doubt a fine school which produces individuals of excellence and who are making an amazing contribution to our world. I congratulate Grinnell College and the way they stood united in campaigning for your freedom until the victory was won!

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