Kantipur FM Commentary: School Fees And Social Status II

Continuing with publishing Kantipur FM commentaries I made as the host of a radio show way back in the Spring of 1998…this commentary accompanied the March 9 show, a follow-up to the March 8 show.

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Hey hey…. Awe righty.…

It’s seven again and I’m back with yet another hour of Marlboro Music Network, here on the one and only Kantipur FM. This is Dorje.

And this hour’s question is thus: what presents itself as a sheep but really is a wolf? In other words, what is it that is a wolf in sheep skin?

While you ponder over that question, here are the Bee Gees with Alone.

[Music, Bee Gees followed by Metallica.]

And following the Bee Gees was Metallica with The Memory Remains.

Yesterday I talked about school fees and social status and expressed the opinion that paying high fees for social status was missing the point. The point of sending the kid to school.

I am of the opinion that fees and quality of education in Kathmandu, in Nepal in general, are not, I repeat, are not correlated, are not related. More about that later.

In the mean time, here’s Phil Collins with Do You Remember.

[Music, Phil Collins followed by Peter Andre.]

Following Phil Collins was Peter Andre with Mysterious Girl.

Education of course is good, is essential. And by extension educational institutions, as they provide a valuable service to the society and the country, are good and necessary. Who would say otherwise? More about that later.

In the mean time here’s Def Leppard with Animal.

[Music, Def Leppard followed by Extreme.]

And that was Extreme with More Than Words.

So educational institutions are good and necessary. I have been involved in the education field pretty much all my life, mostly as a student in four different countries and of late as a teacher in four different countries as well. And no other country comes even close to the educational system here in Nepal.

Here I have noticed that a building, some chairs and staff can pass for a school. There is no uniform criteria by which the fees are set, the course content is set, the books assigned etc…. Most of that it seems is arbitrarily set, and set such that it is profitable to the school.

Michael Learns to Rock with Sleeping Child.

[Music, Michael Learns to Rock followed by Gary Moore.]

And that was Gary Moore with Take a Little Time.

Now to go back to the question, what is it that is a wolf in sheep skin?

It is a school that is interested in generating profit more than educating its students.

So, when you take your child for admission to a school, keep your eyes and ears open for the big eyes, big ears, and big mouth of the wolf of a school. The big mouth would be there, of course, to eat you with…rather to eat your wallet with…

Okay, coming up is Celine Dion with The Reason.

[Music, Celine Dion followed by Nazareth.]

And that was Nazareth with Love Hurts.

I believe it is the responsibility of us all to nurture the sheep in this creature of educational institutions and not feed the wolf. And we can start by doing away with associating social status with school fees. Enough said.

Up next Chaka Demus and Pliers with Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.

[Music, Chaka Demus and Pliers followed by Joan Osbourne.]

You are listening to Joan Osbourne sing One of Us.

It’s time for me to wrap this hour up. Join me again tomorrow at seven. As for now, stay tuned for Udhaya Shree Top Ten with Sweet Sanju. This is Dorje signing off.

Good Night.



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