Birth is a beginning…not an end, unlike how the Caste System in Nepal treats it.

Human Rights and Education of Marginalized Nepalese

A video of the the presentation I made at four different locations during my April-May 2014 visit to the US. It covers the plight of marginalized groups such as Dalits, women, Tharus and Tamangs both in the country (Nepal) and abroad, and what COMMITTED is doing about it all.

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Social Justice: Caste Away

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Your birth as anything (class, caste, race, nationality etc.) or with any trait (skin color etc.) considered to be a characteristic of an inferior human being is not shameful. YOU HAD NO CHOICE IN THAT!

It's those that view and interpret that as such and make you suffer for it who are shameful: THEY HAVE A CHOICE IN THEIR VIEW OF, THEIR ATTITUDE TOWARDS AND THEIR TREATMENT OF YOU!

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Social Justice: Social (Media) Status Upgrades

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Birth as a low caste, a Dalit, in Nepal means that you are not only expected, but also made, to live in shame and poverty. In an effort to escape from that, they go looking for foreign employment but lacking in funds and education, fall victim to loan sharks and trafficking.

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