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Project Update: Report from Thangpalkot

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The following is a reproduction of a report submitted by our volunteer-friends Manaslu and Chris following their recent visit to Thangpalkot. Hyperlinks are my own addition. The report has been edited for brevity.

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Report from Thangpalkot

Thanks to donations from friends and family around . . . → Read More: Project Update: Report from Thangpalkot

Nepal Earthquake, Projects

Project Update: Moving Along

Thangpalkot on Google Earth

We’re COMMITED (to) bringing back the smiles on the faces of children of Thangpalkot and its neighbors! To that end, we have provided relief materials to the residents of Thangpalkot VDC and have begun the process of bringing the children back to school for educational activities. . . . → Read More: Project Update: Moving Along



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Who we are and what we are all about. . . . → Read More: We’re COMMITTED

Nepal Earthquake

“Help, I Need Somebody [to] Help!!”

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Nixon Boumba describing lessons learnt from the Haiti earthquake in “How not to rebuild Nepal” recommends listening to local people, supporting local people and reaching the most vulnerable as the top three things to do. I agree. Surely there are skilled and trustworthy local people and local organizations. We just need to identify them and support them, if we are to not become another Haiti! . . . → Read More: “Help, I Need Somebody [to] Help!!”

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Pursuing a Meaningful Life: Human Rights & Education in Nepal

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All about following ones dreams to make life meaningful. In my case, the dream was to get advanced degree in the US and then return to Nepal to help the next generation of children from low socioeconomic backgrounds, which is what I have done. . . . → Read More: Pursuing a Meaningful Life: Human Rights & Education in Nepal

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Nepal Earthquake: Mounting Loss

Earthquake Affected Map - Ilaka 12 Sindhupalchowk

As pleasant as my visit to the US this time has been, re-connecting with old friends and making new friends, the tragedy unfolding back home in Nepal has been a constant preoccupation. While my uncharacteristic absent-mindedness from the start of the journey has made me part with a number of things of little value at different times, the earthquake has taken many that are irreplaceable. . . . → Read More: Nepal Earthquake: Mounting Loss

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Projects: Jayjeev Reports

raithane multipurpose court meeting

Jayjeev reports on Thangpalkot following COMMITTED’s visit to the village. . . . → Read More: Projects: Jayjeev Reports