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Interview on Kantipur TV

Li Po Chun UWC Presentation: When Dreams Take Flight

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#IWalkFreely…as Should Our Girls And Women

Girls and women need to be able to walk free just as boys and men. Boys and men MUST to do what they can to ensure that because every boy and man has a sister or a mother or an aunt or a grandmother or a female cousin or a wife or a female friend. One thing they can do easily is be an ally and counter harassment whenever you see it happen. . . . → Read More: #IWalkFreely…as Should Our Girls And Women


Life’s a Beach…at Krazy Gecko

We might not have a sea in Nepal…but we have got Krazy Gecko! . . . → Read More: Life’s a Beach…at Krazy Gecko

Musings, Social Media


The Editor-in-chief of a major publication in Kathmandu blocks me on Twitter. Want to know why? . . . → Read More: Editor-in-chief

Mustang District

Climate Change and The Dilemma of a Yak Herder

Climate change, which the President-elect Donald Trump calls a hoax, is real…painfully real in many parts of the world, including in the district of Mustang where I come from in Nepal. . . . → Read More: Climate Change and The Dilemma of a Yak Herder

Nepal, Travel

The Most Beautiful City on The Planet

Photo blog of the most beautiful mountain range in the world! . . . → Read More: The Most Beautiful City on The Planet

Corruption, Kantipur FM Commentaries

Kantipur FM Commentary: Something (is) Rotten in The City of Kathmandu

The two rivers in Kathmandu, Bishnumati and Bagmati, are heavily polluted by raw sewage, among other things. How did it come be and why is that still the case? My commentary on Kantipur FM programs the week of March 23-26, 1998. . . . → Read More: Kantipur FM Commentary: Something (is) Rotten in The City of Kathmandu

Nepal, Travel

Mermaid, Mountains And More

Photo blog of the Dassain Holidays (October) road trip. . . . → Read More: Mermaid, Mountains And More

Leisure, Movember

Movember 2016: Growing Solo

Me and my mo growing solo this Movember. . . . → Read More: Movember 2016: Growing Solo

Social Justice, Structural Equity & Equality

(Structural) Privilege And Khas Privilege

Structural privilege in Nepal is Khas privilege and, as such, enjoyed by all Khas Nepalese. No Khas Nepalese suffer BECAUSE they are Khas. That is a privilege ALL Khas enjoy. Non-Khas Nepalese, however, suffer in a number of ways BECAUSE they are non-Khas. . . . → Read More: (Structural) Privilege And Khas Privilege

Mustang District

Lost Caves Of Mustang

The cave dwellings and secret temples are some of the cultural heritages of Mustang district, the district I am from. A National Geographic team explored and studied some of those caves earlier this century. Embedded within the blog post are videos of those expeditions into the caves. . . . → Read More: Lost Caves Of Mustang

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