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My Personal Stories, Nepal Education

Raise the Child, NOT the Rod

STXG inter upper field II-cropped

Corporal punishments rarely impart any meaningful lessons, and yet, in Nepal, it’s defended as part of our “culture.” My classmates and I suffered from it too and as far as I can tell, they didn’t do much good for us!

What’s more, it is possible to educate and raise children without punishing them physically.

. . . → Read More: Raise the Child, NOT the Rod

Kantipur FM Commentaries, Nepal Education

Kantipur FM Commentary: The Business of Education

Jayjeev preparing Raithane school students for some basketball drills and a game! (Click here for more photos.)

Reproduction of the February 2, 1998 episode of the Kantipur FM, Marlboro Music Network radio show, in which I talk about how private schools could be a really profitable business. They are able to fleece families of their students.

One of the ways they do that is by logging multiple charges for the same service, describing it using difficult-to-decipher acronyms and/or terms.

. . . → Read More: Kantipur FM Commentary: The Business of Education

In & Around Kathmandu

“The Waiting Place…”[…] “No! That’s Not for [me]!”

Red car followed by a motorcyle & army jeep-feat image

Driving in Kathmandu can be quite the entertainment! Here’s an account of an incident which repeats everyday, pretty much everywhere, also pretty much at all times on the streets of Kathmandu! . . . → Read More: “The Waiting Place…”[…] “No! That’s Not for [me]!”

Social Justice

Social Justice: Politics of Dignity And Equity

title of symposium 305

Parts of Professor Thorat’s presentation at the Politics of Dignity and Equity: Dalits in Nepal symposium. He talked about some of the issues faced by Dalits in Nepal, their remedies, including lessons learned from India. . . . → Read More: Social Justice: Politics of Dignity And Equity

Nepal, Presentations & Speeches

YHBHS: Escape from Kathmandu

don't let culture define you-feat image

One of the reasons for my wanting to go abroad for studies had been to learn about other people and places. The other had been to escape Nepal. . . . → Read More: YHBHS: Escape from Kathmandu


Hall of Shame

men men men men -feat image

Nepal needs a revolution…

a revolution of the mind.

Here’s one of many MANY reasons why.

. . . → Read More: Hall of Shame


#GaurikaSingh in #Rio2016 And a Man in Kathmandu

females head held high-feat image

If our girls and women are to realize their full potential, just as Gaurika Singh has done, and become equal partners in the path to development, to when they can walk the streets of every city and village in the country with their head held high, we must provide the same kind of life opportunities to them as we do to our boys and men. . . . → Read More: #GaurikaSingh in #Rio2016 And a Man in Kathmandu


Downloading UWC Scholarship Application Form & Fee Waiver

uwc application download-feat image

Instructions on how to download a UWC scholarship application form and information about fee waiver. . . . → Read More: Downloading UWC Scholarship Application Form & Fee Waiver

In & Around Kathmandu

Kathmandu in The Nineties

vehicle on a zebra crossing-feat image

A list of observations of Kathmandu of the nineties, prepared in the late nineties when I came to live in the country for the first time in nine years and to work for the first time EVER! . . . → Read More: Kathmandu in The Nineties

Nepal, Presentations & Speeches

Dolpa Students: If I Did…Why Not You?

Students from Dolpo 4-feat image

My attempt at inspiring students from Dolpa, mostly ethnic Tibetans, to pursue their dreams to break out of the limitations and constraints imposed on them by Nepalese culture and society. . . . → Read More: Dolpa Students: If I Did…Why Not You?

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