In a Hurry…To be Late

moving onwards & forwards

These are two jokes I imagine Jerry Seinfeld making about traffic in Kathmandu following a visit to the city. Making jokes and laughing about the wayward traffic in our city is but one way to deal and cope with it!… =>Click here to read the rest


Qatar…From Afar: Uncomfortable Questions II

Qatar-Academy-cropped ??

On Thursday, April 25, 2013, when my dismissal had been finalized, and I had submitted all the necessary documents (e.g. exit clearance form) and surrendered my Qatar ID/Residence Permit (RP), Qatar Foundation ID, passport etc., I was set to leave Friday, May 3, 2013.… =>Click here to read the rest

Social Justice

Social Justice: Cost of Accident…of Birth

Buddhist Wheel of Life.

My birth was an accident…but not in the way you think. As a matter of fact, the way I am thinking, yours was too!! The context and circumstance I was born in, and the traits I was born with, was as much an accident as, or as random as, the ant that got trampled in my home town the second I was born!… =>Click here to read the rest

Nepal Education

Education in Nepal: A School in The South

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Mahendra Kiran School visit9464 -modified
Another school visit…another dose of reality!

Friday, June 20, Jayjeev and I went to Manahari, a small town in the district of Makwanpur to visit a school, following a request from someone interested in helping the school.… =>Click here to read the rest


Project Update: Reading in Thangpalkot

Taltuleshwori School star readers with their prizes posing for a group photo.

Late afternoon of February 5, the biggest group to visit the project site since my joining COMMITTED arrived at Thangpalkot, some members arriving earlier than others. Those arriving early had had the luxury of being transported all the way by a 4X4 Toyota Landcruiser!… =>Click here to read the rest


Qatar…From Afar: Uncomfortable Questions I

Qatar-Academy-cropped ?

A Qatari father, on the basis of the version of an incident reported to him by his 12-year old child, a student at Qatar Academy, got me dismissed from my job and jailed on felony charges last year.… =>Click here to read the rest

Nepal Education

SLC: Price Our Children Pay When Leadership Fail

2014 SLC results - all three combined 75px

On June 13, five days ago, the Office of Controller of Examinations (OCE) published the SLC (School Leaving Certificate) examination results. Once again, there were no surprises–they were appalling! It has again, as every year, laid bare the pathetic state of our education system.… =>Click here to read the rest

Social Justice

Human Rights and Education of Marginalized Nepalese

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On the invitation of Grinnell College, my alma mater, I made a seven-week visit to the US. My visit starting on April 15 took me to a number of different places and ended on June 6.… =>Click here to read the rest

Grinnell College

Grinnell College: Video of Honorary Degree Acceptance Speech

honorary degree

Here it is:

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Grinnell College

Grinnell College: Text of Honorary Degree Acceptance Speech

honorary degree

Good morning!

This is an honor, and an incredible privilege…again!

I say again because the path to–and the opportunity to attend–Grinnell College, leading to my first degree, had been an incredible privilege to begin with!… =>Click here to read the rest