Heart Matters

Friday afternoon Quiz!

With matters of the heart, sometimes tough decisions have to be made as difficult as it might be for it to accept. . . . → Read More: Heart Matters


A Whirlwind Tour

DC Spring-the whitehouse

Returning to the US for my second visit, and looking for speaking engagements. Can you help? . . . → Read More: A Whirlwind Tour


Greetings…By Dorje

Tenzin doing namaste-feat image

How I greet an individual says a number of things! . . . → Read More: Greetings…By Dorje

Social Justice


law and justice

Any and every injustice against an individual, in the end, is as injustice against every other individual. There are, and can be, no exception! . . . → Read More: Injustice

Presentations & Speeches

…For a Meaningful Life

children of thangpalkot

There is no such thing as the meaning of life. You make life meaningful by the way you live. . . . → Read More: …For a Meaningful Life

Social Justice

Caste Out

story of dalan-feat image

One Dalit’s story of life-long discrimination and humiliation, and struggle for personal recognition for who he is and what he has become through his own efforts lays bare some of the worst aspects of our Caste System. . . . → Read More: Caste Out

Qatar, Qatar Academy

Qatar…From Afar: Uncomfortable Questions III


On May Day 2013, I was imprisoned in Qatar for allegedly insulting Islam during an exchange with three twelve-year-old students at Qatar Academy (QA). The ordeal lasted 11 nights and 12 days.

Text message I sent to a number of friends..with the typo intact! (As the screen shot was taken in Nepal, to get . . . → Read More: Qatar…From Afar: Uncomfortable Questions III