We’re COMMITTED: Recording of Speech At Radisson Hotel

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At Radisson HotelAs part of the campaign “We’re COMMITTED” (to) raising awareness about, and fundraising for, the silent and innocent victims children of dead migrants, a ticketed dinner and performance was held at Radisson Hotel on January 4, 2014.

At the event, I gave a short speech explaining why we were doing it. Recognising that there may be a significant number of attendees that might not understand English very well, I had a go at translating my original English speech, which I gave at the ticketed dinner at Capital Grill, into Nepalese on the fly.

(Incidentally, I made a major mistake! I say I left the country for the first time in 1998 instead of 1988.)

Click on the play button below to listen to the result:

Click here for the original text.

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